Play Black Diamond for Real Money

Fans of traditional slots might feel a bit overlooked with a plethora of visually complex video slots packed with features. You’ll be happy to know that after the success of its Black Diamond slot at brick-and-mortar casinos, brick-and-mortar casino provider Everi is making sure fans who play online get the same experience. The online version of the same title remains just as simple in terms of graphics and gameplay, but offers high potential wins with the help of bonus multipliers and two jackpots.

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Black Diamond Basic Gameplay

Black Diamond’s design takes you back to the good old days when slot machines won with the sound of coins falling. It has 3 reels and 9 paylines, but players can also choose to bet on just 1, 3, 5 or 7. You also have to choose a coin denomination between $0.25 and $5 and decide to bet 1, 2 or 3 coins per line. If you want to play all 9 lines, you must invest at least $2.25. Meanwhile, high rollers may be happy to apply the $135 max bet on any spin.

Players win by landing various combinations of the BAR symbol, red, yellow and blue 7’s on an active payline, with the top payout being provided by 3 symbols representing the game’s logo. The latter also takes on the wild role, and it substitutes for everyone else except the multiplier. Line wins must occur on adjacent reels, starting with the first. The Max Bet button makes it easy to bet as much as the slot allows, while the option labeled Auto lets the reels spin themselves up to 500 times.

Black Diamond Bonus Round

The job of the bonus multiplier, as the name suggests, is to increase payouts. Two or more must appear on a payline, and the winnings are multiplied by up to 30x. A 2x multiplier is available for single and double BAR symbols, as well as single, double and triple 7s. The 3x multiplier can feature single 7 and BAR symbols, and the multiplier can win x4 with double BAR, double 7 and triple 7 symbols.

Wild Black Diamonds are also responsible for activating progressive rewards. Landing 3 of them on paylines 1 to 8 at the same time awards a small jackpot, and the same number on line 9 awards a major jackpot – but only if you wager the maximum amount of 27 credits. Otherwise, the same combination will deliver the fixed amount specified in the payout table. The size of the jackpot depends on the selected coin denomination.

How to Play Black Diamond Slots

This old machine has a fairly focused way to win. Black Diamond has three reels and three rows, with nine potential paylines. Paylines can remain visible on-screen to help players keep track of potential wins as the reels settle.

This is especially important since players can choose as few as 9 paylines if they wish. The game allows players to bet on one, three, five or seven paylines (if they want to extend the buy-in). While players can’t choose which payline they want, each payline is numbered and ranked from one to nine.

The space contained on the reels and relatively few paylines means that the payouts are a bit less, but they tend to be a bit bigger than other machines.

In 9-line betting, the only payout below breakeven is an unbeatable set of bars. Sevens is a decent bonus on regular paylines, but the real big wins come down to progressive jackpots and multipliers.

How to Win the Black Diamond Jackpot

Black Diamond slot offers a progressive jackpot to players who wager a maximum of 3 chips (for a total of 27 chips) on all 9 paylines.

Black Diamond fields are usually only wilds, but if three of them land on a payline, they count as jackpot fields. Landing them on a payline 1 through 8 triggers a small jackpot.

Landing on the ninth payline, which is a V-shaped line through the top left, middle and top right cells, triggers the big jackpot.

However, players who do not want to place the maximum bet will not be completely removed from the jackpot. A small jackpot pays 300 times your line bet when you don’t blow out your bet, and a big jackpot pays 5,000 times your line bet.

Another way to win the jackpot is through the multipliers that appear on the reels. Certain symbols appear randomly with special multipliers printed on them. When these special squares land on a payline, they multiply the line by that amount.

What’s more, the multiple multiplier fields on a payline stack up to 30x for huge payouts.

Multipliers are never added to the Black Diamond field, which means that jackpots cannot be multiplied. Although every symbol except Wild Spaces can have a 2x multiplier. Single and single red sevens can also have a 3x multiplier. The 5x multiplier can appear on Double Bars, Yellow Double Sevens and Blue Triple Sevens.

Earning Potential of Black Diamonds

Black Diamond has an average RTP of 95.95%, and even if you don’t dare to put in the maximum amount of credits, you’re willing to pay a decent amount. Land 3 game logos on rows 1 to 8 while betting less than the max reward and you will get 300 times your stake per row, but if you manage to make the same combination on row 9 the game will pay out up to 5,000 Double the bet. However, the availability of jackpots may motivate you to up the ante and potentially celebrate 5 and 6 figure payouts.

Themes and Graphics

Everi’s Black Diamond slot machine is designed to emulate the feel of a classic slot machine with mechanical reels. As we’ve already said, Everi is not particularly interested in the aesthetics of slot machines, but in their functionality and gameplay.

The end result is a very simple-looking slot game, which only makes sense since it was originally developed for brick-and-mortar casinos  rather than the online slots market.

Game rules

The slot game consists of nine variable paylines on reels. This means that your first decision has to be how many paylines to include per spin. The fewer paylines included in each spin, the greater the risk of winning symbols landing on other paylines that you did not choose. By choosing fewer paylines, you limit your chances of winning and playing well.

Betting opportunities

Your minimum coin value is 0.25 and your maximum coin value is 5.00. For the max bet, which is three coins on all nine paylines, it costs 135.00 per spin. This will please the high rollers as big prizes can be won on the maximum bets.

Bonus game

Slot machines do not have separate bonus games. However, it has many features that can prove very lucrative. As mentioned above, each symbol has a multiplier that can multiply your wins by up to 30 times.

The 2x multiplier can be added to any symbol, while the 3x multiplier is only available for single 7 symbols and single bar symbols. The 5x multiplier is set for more unique symbols, such as triple sevens, double sevens and parallel bars.