Race Report: Sword of Destiny, Bally Tech

Forbidden forest shrouded in mist. Walls of an ancient castle. You have entered the Sword Of Destiny online video slot game scene developed by Bally Technologies.

A dark knight and a white maiden are the characters who bring this fantasy to life. Full of suspense, twists and turns, like a medieval quest. With nearly 96% returning player output, there’s plenty of opportunity to win big.

Sword of Destiny is a five-reel, 25 payline slot that’s fairly easy on the regular rounds. The bonus round is just as exciting as the adventure setting.

Welcome Bonus250% up to $5000
Deposit MethodsVisa, MasterCard, Bitcoin
Welcome Bonus240% up to $2500
Deposit MethodsVisa, MasterCard, Bitcoin
Welcome Bonus100% up to $5000
Deposit MethodsVisa, MasterCard, Bitcoin
Welcome Bonus100% up to $3000
Deposit MethodsVisa, MasterCard, Bitcoin
Welcome Bonus250% up to $1000
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Bally’s mobile-friendly adaptation of Sword of Destiny means the fun doesn’t have to stop on the go.
Sword of Destiny: Core Gameplay
Launching the Free Sword of Destiny Slots Game is as intuitive as all Bally slot games.

You can increase or decrease your bet using the plus and minus buttons on the bottom right. When done, rotate the circular arrow in the center. Immediately to the left of the start arrow is a small gold circular arrow representing the auto-spin feature. This programs the game to spin with the same bet, which is great for keeping your streak going while you’re on the break.

The portrait mode option adds to the fantasy setting, as an evil knight clad in flames oversees the game. As the reels spin, various fantasy characters will appear. Horns sound as the reels spin, and background music is reminiscent of a celebratory tournament.

place a bet

  • Bets range from 40 cents to $360
  • Note that all paylines are in-game. Those who prefer modest bets should take this into consideration
  • Spin to start or select autoplay
  • Randomly triggering base symbols offer hordes of wilds, stacked high-value cards and bonus opportunities
  • The balance is shown on the left
  • The bonus round creates two extra reels and 25 extra paylines, unprecedented in a slot machine of its kind.

When playing Sword of Destiny, it’s important to keep an eye out not only for the falling symbols, but also for your chances of getting a bonus round; there are four different bonus options.

Mythological symbols and an immersive medieval experience

The spirit of King Arthur and the Round Table is conveyed through the meticulous detail and refined color of the background and symbols.

There’s the castle of mist from the intro, a samurai girl with a bow, a golden bottle of elixir, gems and auspicious secrets, a quill, an ancient scroll, a lavender compass point, and a gem-encrusted sword.

There’s also a dark knight with a glowing white sword and glowing gold metal gloves. Then there’s the game’s exciting bonus symbol, the “Zone X,” which is just a stylized letter in a box.

All in all, the symbols can be a bit confusing, as this slot game doesn’t have the typical low-value 9-through-ace card symbols that other slots have.

Fortunately, Bally’s designers understood this and provided a cheat sheet below the question mark button. This shows the value of three, four or five games per game, and the payout for each game, depending on how you bet on that round.

Sword of Destiny has four bonus rounds

Sword of Destiny Bonus Round When the X-Zone button is down, the Sword of Destiny bonus round begins. The game has four different bonus rounds, which add to the excitement.

You will find that when the bonus round is activated, the reels will expand to accommodate two additional reels, adding up to 25 paylines to the game.

Bonus features are triggered randomly and include:

  • The Clumped Wild, where one to three reels are dotted with clusters of wild symbols
  • In random wilds, positions “4” and “9” are filled with wilds
  • Adjacent positions “4” to “10” of the wild group are covered by wilds
  • The (rare) symbol upgrade bonus means that the flask, necklace or scroll symbols are replaced with swordsman, arrow girl or castle symbols. This upgrade means a bigger outlay.
  • The bonus features don’t stop there.

When three “X Zone” symbols appear on the reels anywhere, players are awarded eight free spins. Additionally, each free spins multiplier has a multiplier ranging from 2x to 10x.

The final reward for Sword of Destiny is the Temple Tower. This bonus occurs when it lands on reels 1, 3 and 5 and a 16-run ladder appears.

Climbing the ladder gives you the chance to win instant cash prizes and three fixed jackpots. There’s something really special here, but we won’t spoil it.

Sword of Destiny is engaging, addictive, and most importantly, it’s easy enough for new players to have a fun experience, yet challenging enough, especially when it comes to the bonus round, to keep seasoned slot players stuck.

Sword of Destiny slot

Have you always felt destined to achieve great things? So why not take a spin or two of Bally Software’s Sword of Destiny video slot and find out? With 5 reels and 25 paylines, the game might sound like par for the course for real money online slots, but thanks to its epic adventure theme, the game promises much more than that, not to mention a range of fun slots. Bonus feature quests bring to life. In fact, the game can be expanded to display 50 paylines, including Stacked Wilds, Random Wilds, Symbol Upgrades, Free Spins and the Temple Tower jackpot game.

With low to medium volatility, it might be a little easier to get a prize out of this slot than an Excalibur out of a stone. However, like all online casino games, the odds fluctuate in the direction of the casino, and players can earn a return to player of 95.94%.

spin from another field

If you’ve always felt a bit like a medieval warrior, then this Sword of Destiny free slot game is for you. Combining elements of the Arthurian legend with design cues similar to modern games like Warhammer, the game offers an exciting fantasy slot that will appeal to any player looking to lose themselves in a world of endless possibilities.

Some of the more prominent reel symbols feature what every fantasy hero needs, from golden gloves to magic necklaces and powerful potions. Players will also meet a variety of characters and find icons that surprisingly represent environments outside of this world. The reels themselves are set in a portrait frame, which makes the game feel a bit out of place on a regular computer screen. On the plus side, the slot is perfect for handheld screens like Android smartphones and iPhone devices.

fight for glory

In the days of Arthurian legend, if you wanted fame and glory, you had to be brave enough to do things like slay a dragon or face a ghostly knight. Fame is much less dangerous these days, as you can spin this slot machine for a chance to win some top prizes. However, you will need to forego some real money wagers if you wish to have a chance of winning real money on wagers starting at 0.40 and going up to 360.00.

With 25 always active paylines on the reels and a relatively low level of variance, you have a good chance of winning on every spin. The downside is that the total payout in the paytable will not be the biggest in the world of online slots. For example, the top payout offered is only 12.5 times the total bet, and is awarded when five King symbols line up on a payline.

Gain an edge with some Bonus Spins

Fortunately, there are even more ways to win when you spin the reels of this slot machine. Players can increase their chances of winning by activating the expanding reels, which add two more lines to the game screen, along with 25 paylines where you can score some wins. This enhanced game offers a variety of bonus features such as; B. Stacked Wilds on reels 1, 2 and 3, up to 9 random Wilds on reels, Image Wilds that expand horizontally for A symbol upgrade in which symbols become high-paying symbols.

Additionally, when three “X-Zone” scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels, players can enjoy a round of 8 free spins and win a x2 multiplier. As if that wasn’t enough, spinners can activate a special jackpot game by finding three scattered coins on reels 1, 3 and 5. This reveals a 16-step ladder with three jackpot tiers to climb. Can you reach the top to win the ultimate prize?

Fantasy slot machine

Fantasy-themed slot machines are one of the most popular types of gambling these days. Maybe it has something to do with the popularity of fantasy TV shows and movies like Game of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings, or simply because the theme allows gamers to escape into a world of endless possibilities. If you want more, check out some of the best games of the genre like Cloud Quest by Play’n Go or World Warlords by Gameplay Interactive, both of which are free to play if you want to experience the magic, no cash required .

a world of opportunity

Sword of Destiny is a slot game from Bally that promises to capture the imagination of many players. The game’s fantastical design may not be entirely unique or original, but it will still appeal to any player who likes to embark on a small spinning adventure, rather than simply watching the same fruit symbols spin over and over on the spinning reels. Additionally, a host of bonus features ensure the spins are fresh and rewarding, with the potential to win some big prizes.