Book of the Sphinx Slots

The torches on either side of the reels provide an atmospheric backdrop to this Egyptian-themed slot. There are statues and scattered gold coins in the cemetery. Book of Sphinx Slot from IGT – IGT created the most famous slot machine in Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra. You will find that Book of Sphinx slot is livelier than the original game. Visually, it also has more gold on its reels.

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There are two bonus features, both using morphing symbols. One is the reels feature, which only lasts for one spin. The other works during your free spins and often changes symbols across multiple reels. Big line hits are common, and wilds can combine hits across multiple lines.

Everything you need to play Book of the Sphinx is on this page. This applies to both the online version of the game and the lockers in the live casino. You can find IGT slots in Canada. Be sure to check out this great winning potential the next time you visit Vancouver’s Parq Casino, Montreal Casino or another Ontario casino.

Book of the Sphinx Slot: Eye of Ra Reel Bonus

The shiny eye icon lands with “ping”. These trigger bonuses on the reels that can help cover the reels with matching symbols on certain spins. You need at least three of them to trigger this bonus. Choose a symbol at random. The eye becomes this symbol, and all other symbols on this reel change accordingly. Note that the book bonus symbol is not selected.

If you are lucky enough to land eye symbols on all the reels, your random symbols will cover the entire grid. This would be the perfect time to land the top paying Pharaoh Mask symbol to cover all 20 paylines.

The basic game experience of Book of the Sphinx
Book of the Sphinx slot is an Egyptian themed game set in a tomb with a flashlight illuminating an ancient statue guarding a scroll set. As soon as you press the button to spin the reels, tribal music with a Mediterranean twist will start playing and will continue until the reels stop for a certain period of time. The game includes all the usual Egyptian imagery suspects, such as scarabs, Anubis, and possibly even a pharaoh who was King Tutankhamun. Hieroglyphic tablets, cobras, and ankh also appear as high-paying symbols next to typical low-paying card symbols.

Eye of Radium Function

The featured symbol is the Eye of Ra, which has different sound effects depending on which reel it lands on. After the third Eye of Ra symbol appears, the eye will glow to reveal one of the other random symbols, replacing the Eye of Ra in its current position. The new symbols then expand to the full height of the reels, displacing any other symbols that previously contained them, giving you three or more stacks of duplicated symbols.

Most slot machines require adjacent chips, starting on reel 1, to count as a win. This is where The Book of the Sphinx really stands out. The stacked copy feature symbol acts as a hybrid between a scatter symbol and a regular symbol, meaning that any one symbol included on a payline counts as a win, regardless of its position on the payline. This means that every time you trigger the Eye of Ra feature, you are guaranteed to win no matter which reel the Eye of Ra is on. Considering that the Pharaoh symbol pays 5x as much as the Scarab and 10x as much as the Ankh and Anubis, this is the symbol you want to win big.

Book of sphinx icon

The wild symbol is the book of the sphinx encrusted with sapphires, hence the name of the game, and it is also the bonus symbol. An accompanying sound effect heralds its arrival, and the second book will trigger a dramatic spin of the reels in anticipation of the third book. When three books appear, they merge and expand, inviting you to hit the start button inside the gem to trigger the bonus feature.

Set Book of Sphinx Slots

When you play Book of Sphinx slot for real money, you are playing the slot machine with a fixed 20 payline setting. Bets start at 20 cents per spin, with big bets up to $100 per spin available online.

The Pharaoh Mask symbol brings huge rewards compared to other symbols. Hit the same five to win 2500 coins. No Egyptian slot machine is complete without a scarab – the golden scarab is the second highest paying symbol, followed by the sphinx, cross, snake and stele. Playing cards are fill symbols.

The book bonus symbols are wilds – not only do they trigger free spins, but they also connect to wins. They come in handy when you trigger the feature that covers the entire reel with matching symbols.

Egyptian Tombs: Book of the Sphinx Slot Machine Theme

The Sphinx is best known as a colossal statue – although the slot is in an ancient tomb. Flickering torches, deep shadows and statues create an evocative atmosphere. Besides the fact that there were no books in ancient Egypt, there are many iconic symbols on the scrolls. These symbols are designed in heavy gold – a nice contrast to the dark back.

The blue and gold pharaoh’s mask stands out, as does the round gold jewel depicting a scarab. As you spin, lively music plays that feels like an old tune. When you get two bonus symbols, the expected spin will appear.

IGT faces stiff competition when it comes to ancient Egypt-themed slots. The stunning Sphinx 3D and the updated Sphinx 4D have stunning graphics. Book of the Sphinx online slots is designed to be solid and fun – not obtrusive.

Summary: How does Book of the Sphinx compare?

Two unique features make this slot stand out. While it doesn’t have the classic gameplay of Cleopatra or the stunning graphics of some competing games, there’s still a lot to like. When you tap Free Spins, special symbols are selected. If this is a high-paying symbol, you could be in for a string of huge wins, as they cover the entire reel every time they appear.

In the base game, the special eye symbol can give you stacked reels – it is possible to cover all five reels with the same symbol.

You can find these IGT slots at Canadian casinos, or buy them online at sites like Caesars Casino, DraftKings Casino, and BetMGM Online Casino. See if you can cover the reels with a high paying mask – and win top prizes up to 20x!

Special function

This is “The Book of the Sphinx” in all its splendor. Not only is the special feature as good graphically as the rest of the game, but it looks pretty generous.

First up is the Eye of Ra symbol, where three or more symbols award player bonuses for all original winning combinations. They also activate a bonus feature where one of the other regular symbols on the reels creates a special bonus symbol that then expands to cover the entire reel and award multiple prizes.

Then there’s the Book of the Sphinx symbol itself, which not only acts as a wild symbol, substituting for all other symbols except the Eye of Ra, but also acts as a scatter symbol, triggering 10, 15 or 30 free spins on threes, fours or Five of them pop up everywhere. A special bonus symbol also appears during free spins, transforming and expanding one of the other common symbols in the game.

To round out the feature-rich offering, the GTech G2 also includes a gamble feature where players can increase their winnings or losses by guessing the color or suit of the face-down card in up to five consecutive attempts.

Book of the Sphinx actually has a chance to be noticed in the whole sea of ​​Egyptian themed slots if you watch it again. Now, it all comes down to how generously it impresses gamers who are sure to find the features appealing in their own right.