Slot machine Holy Diver

We know what you’re thinking. Writer, why is this review so late? The answer is simple – we’ve been playing Holy Diver for too long! We were incredibly impressed with Big Time Gaming’s release – it uses the default theme and does wonders with it! From the loot-plundering adventurer to the Megaways structure, instability, and special features… It might be as close to perfection as we can ever get as a species.

The slot uses six reels and each reel can feature between two and seven height symbols. This, in turn, changes the number of available ways to win. Sometimes you are served more than 100,000! In other cases, much less. But that’s always more than the measly 25 paylines that are standard in these games!

Despite the Megaways system, the winnings remain the same as always. Place three or more identical icons in adjacent positions from left to right. Megaways has no set paylines, so you don’t have to worry about your winning combo following a set payline.

We hope you enjoy the Bonuses, because there are a lot of them! Every few spins, your adventurer will open a chest containing four minor features. On top of that, you have access to some annoyingly challenging free spins with the diamond collecting mini-game. Alternatively, players can opt out of free spins and level up instead!

Theme and symbols

Admittedly, we thought that we were not impressed by the medieval theme. slot machines. Not that they were bad, but it has been done many times. But this is for you Big Time Gaming – they kick down your door and show you how it’s done! The sheer amount of care and polish put into this game is mind-boggling.

The developers have made every effort to draw a gorgeous background and add particle and wind effects to it. The beautiful blue sky is covered with white clouds and black smoke rising. Undoubtedly, something evil is happening here, and our adventurer rushes to him. Maybe he’ll get there sooner or later… but there are so many juicy chests to open first!

Holy Diver Gameplay

What was on the drums has been the only real disappointment so far. We expected formidable bandits, ferocious dragons and evil sorcerers trying to interfere with the progress of our knight! Instead, colorful gems and playing card icons appear on the board. Considering all the effort that has been put into everything else, this stings a lot more than usual.
How to play Holy Diver
Holy Diver can take some getting used to, especially if this is your first Megaways slot. The change in the height of each reel also means that the number of ways you can win depends on each spin. If we had things our way, we would change it so that you have a guaranteed height of three icons. When you only get two symbols on the first reel, you can write it off as a dead spin.

Deciding whether to level up or take free spins is pretty exciting! You have to choose based on how much money you have left and whether it will last for a long time. Slots are often blamed for a lack of gameplay depth, but that’s not something to worry about in this release.

If you were worried that having so many paylines available would mean a high starting bet, you would be wrong! To get up to 586971 ways to win, your minimum bet is a whopping €0.10. No, we are not joking. High rollers won’t be happy to know that the maximum bet is set at €20. However, great news for everyone!


There is a lot to unpack here, so don’t waste your time on it!

Fortune Chests
Under the reels you will see a knight walking along the road. Each time he stops at a chest, he opens it to activate one of four small bonuses. These:
• Standard Symbol: Shows one of the playing card symbols and turns them into a wild symbol.
• Sword: adds up to three full reel wilds with a multiplier that can go up to 7x.
• Fireball: Shoots fireballs, creating up to four randomly placed wilds on the game board.
• Gem Symbol: Shows one of four gem icons. This symbol is added to the shield next to the screen. All gems discovered become wild, with an increasing multiplier depending on the player’s level.

Shield of Fortune

Once you collect the shield and collect all four gems from the chests, you will be faced with a choice. You can choose to “Level Up” or collect free spins. Leveling up increases the number of Megaways available, up to a maximum of 586971 ways to win at level 3.

Frequently Asked Questions about Holy Diver

Can Holy Diver be played for free?

Yes, on our site you can play Holy Diver in test mode without registration and deposit. Any casino that cooperates with Big Time Gaming is also suitable, where they also have access to a free demo mode.

Can I win real money in Holy Diver slot?

Yes, after registering at the casino, you will be able to make a deposit, play for real money and receive real winnings.

Where is the best place to play Holy Diver?

In the case of a demo version, any decent gambling site or a themed site like will do. But when money is involved, it is worth choosing operators with a license, a good reputation and high standards. What exactly will be the characteristics of the best site depends on the individual preferences of the client.

Can I play Holy Diver on mobile?

Yes, the video slot is optimized for mobile play and can be played on any device.

How to win in Holy Diver slot?

This is a licensed online slot that gives out random results and all you need is a fortune to win. In the payout table, you can see the details of how much and how you can receive a payout.