HexBreaker 3 game review

The base game literally starts in “bad luck mode” where symbols such as black cats, the number 13, and voodoo dolls with nails take center stage. The good news is that these “bad luck” symbols still pay out like regular symbols, and you can win bigger cash prizes by expanding these reels to their maximum capacity. You can bet between £80 and £240 per spin here, and you can play across all platforms and devices. The whole trick to this concept is that you need to trigger the bonus round to “break the hex of bad luck” in the base game. This turns everything upside down and you will now see lucky symbols on the reels that extend down to win cash prizes (or the White Cat Jackpot). The RTP of 96.5% is pretty decent, and if you like the unorthodox reel expansion mechanic, this game might be for you.

HexBreaker 3 Features You need to land a horseshoe symbol to activate the reel expansion feature, and then the corresponding reel expands up 1 row. Each expansion of the reel naturally increases the number of ways to win, and you can play with 59,049 ways to win at full capacity.
At the top of the reel set is the Lucky Zone with a spooky black cat in the middle. Each time a reel reaches a fully deployed height of 9 rows, you win a cash prize displayed in the Lucky Zone Orb above the respective reel. The Black Cat ‘Sphere’ brings you the progressive jackpot and you can see how much it’s worth on the left hand side. The corresponding reel resets up to 3 rows after winning the ball.
You trigger the free spins bonus round if the orb you win contains the word Bonus. However, you can also trigger it by landing 3 bonus symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4 at the same time. Each reel expands downward towards the “Jinx Zone” when you land a horseshoe symbol and you can win even bigger cash prizes than during main game.
You can win no more than 62.5x your stake from cash balls, and reaching the White Cat will earn you the progressive jackpot. Just like in the base game, each reel resets 3 rows again after winning a ball. The free spins feature ends when the row reaches the skull and bones ball, but they can pay up to 18.75x your stake as a “consolation prize”.
There is also a symbol substitution feature that can be triggered at any time both in the base game and during free spins. This function converts a range of symbols into matching symbols and sets of wild symbols. It works quite often, but you won’t always get much benefit from it.

200 spins HexBreaker 3 Experience

We didn’t quite make it to the bonus round this time around, but you’ll see plenty of symbol substitution features in our base game spins. You can tell that the volatility of the game got the best of us and we just couldn’t spend any more time trying to trigger the free spins. Anyway, you can see how it played out in the highlights video below.

Review results

A slot where the main game is “cursed” with every bad luck token you can think of is certainly an original idea. You “break the hex” by triggering the bonus round where the reel expansion feature is reversed and the White Cat Jackpot can be won. The whole concept is well implemented by IGT, but things can get a little confusing before you get the hang of it.
Unlike many reel expansion slots, the reels in Hexbreak3r do not reset until you reach 9 rows of the Orb Cash Prize. This means that you will be playing with an expanded reel set most of the time, and it also gives you a sense of accomplishment and progress as you play. This makes the game more difficult, but the good news is that your current reel expansion carries over to your next session.


  • Each reel expands to get cash prizes on top
  • Random character conversion function
  • Bonus round “upside down” “breaks the hexagon”
  • High volatility and 6144x max win


  • High volatility and 6144x max win

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The Hexbreaker 3 slot machine is an extraordinary solution from the developer IGT. It was released in October 2020. The slot is popular due to the presence of a progressive jackpot and a high deposit return rate (96.5%). The main character is a black cat that appears on the reels along with Voodoo dolls, the number 13 and other pictures symbolizing misfortune. To test the novelty, it is proposed to play Hexbreaker 3 for free on the site.The plot of the slot is dedicated to Halloween and Voodoo magic. Each symbol represents a series of troubles, but with Hexbreaker 3 Gameplay, the formation of prize combinations, gamblers will be satisfied with the winnings.

Gambling entertainment is carried out on 5 reels, but in general, the execution of the slot differs from the standard one. Each vertical has a different number of symbols, and instead of pay lines, up to 59,049 pay combinations are used here. Only one coin is offered for betting. Gamblers can choose its denomination from the range of 0.01 – 30 dollars. As the reels spin, the progressive jackpot is played.

How to play Hexbreaker 3 slot

The developers provide a simple and understandable gameplay of Hexbreaker 3, which allows you to quickly understand the essence of the process. Immediately before the game, you need to make bets, for which “+” and “-” are reassigned in the “Total Bet” field. The arrow button is used to spin the reels, while the two arrow button is used to activate autoplay.

Hexbreaker 3 Game processAfter each spin, the symbols on the field change. Here appear card suits (clubs, spades, diamonds, hearts), a salt shaker with spilled salt, a Voodoo doll, the number 13, a black cat and a raven. The game provides from 243 to 59,049 winning combinations, which are formed from a group of identical elements. Initially, not the entire reel is filled with symbols. If a horseshoe falls out, then it expands the possibilities by adding additional elements to the vertical. At the same time, the number of combinations used to receive payments increases.

In addition to the standard symbols, the developers used special elements. Wild is made in the form of the logo of the game, it completes combinations to winning ones. At least three icons with the words “Bonus” will activate the free spins mode. It is also possible that a black cat will appear, which shuffles all the symbols and reduces the number of winning combinations involved.

Pay table
clubs, hearts, spades, diamonds — x15/15/15;Hexbreaker 3 Gameplay
Voodoo doll — x5/5/5;
salt shaker – x5/5/5;
13 – x10/10/10;
raven – x10/10/10;
black cat – x15/15/15.
RTP (percentage of return from the total amount of bets) – 96.5%