Slot machines with bonus rounds

Free spins, pick to win games and spinner bonus features are just a few of the many extra bonus games that you can trigger and be rewarded with while playing online slots.

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However, when playing video slot games that offer bonus games, you can often get very frustrated with how often the bonus games trigger and reward. You might get very lucky and trigger multiple bonus games in a very short amount of time. However, the reverse is also true and you may often find that you need to make hundreds of spins in the base game before triggering the bonus game!

Your actual chances of getting a bonus feature in a slot game depends on several different factors. This includes how many bonus or scatter symbols you need to spin to trigger the bonus game, including how those symbols need to spin, as well as the actual number of these symbols on each reel and the length of each reel streak.

Once you understand these two aspects of how each slot machine bonus game rewards, you can calculate exactly how likely you are to get a bonus game. Of course, only if the slot machine you play is truly random.

Bonus spins per bonus spin on popular MicroGaming slot machines

Below I have listed some of the most popular slot games from Microgaming, each of these slot machines is proven 100% random and of course each one offers a bonus game! We have also listed below the number of base game spins required between each bonus game, these numbers are based on the number of bonus game winning symbols on each reel and the number of reel symbols on each reel.

Note that the number of base game spins between the bonus game and the triggering bonus game is the average number of spins. Since the distribution is also random, sometimes more bonus rounds will be triggered, and sometimes more spins will be required to trigger the bonus feature.

But since you know how often and how often these bonus games are triggered, this list can give you an idea of ​​which slots you should be playing to have the best chance of triggering a particular bonus game!

Bonus rounds have become an essential feature of free slot machines. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a surprise, reward for something you’ve done? The only problem you may have with playing free online slots with bonus games is the “unexpected” part – you expect a bonus every spin! However, once you get lucky and the bonus round starts, you will find that the wait is worth it.

A bonus game or bonus round (the name may be different, but the idea is always the same) is unlocked during the regular game after you spin a certain combination of symbols on the reels. Check out the game’s paytable to see the winning combination for your current game.

How to activate the bonus round of a slot machine

Every online casino where you play free slot games with bonus rounds in no download mode has the option to activate it. Just land at least three scatters anywhere on the reels. You don’t have to land on a payline, anywhere will do. There is a separate symbol for activating this attribute, the so-called “bonus symbol”. Each title also looks different, but you’ll still need to land at least three of them on the reels. You can try out the free slots games on our website that require no download and no registration for the bonus round and see how the bonus feature works. So if you decide to play for real money, you will know.

What is a bonus game

Bonus spins are extra games on a slot machine that usually don’t require you to place an extra wager. Think of it as a free way to make more money.

Gamble Feature – This is the feature that activates every time you win. Basically, you have to guess one symbol out of two. If you guess correctly, the machine will double your winnings. One wrong hint will make you lose.

Free Spins – In this feature, the slot machine spins the reels multiple times at no additional cost. The bet used is the last bet amount that triggered the free spins. However, all free spins are free.

Respins – Respins are the feature where the machine spins the reels again. Usually, the developers give this award when you have a winning combination. Winning symbols remain in their positions. Only non-winning symbols will spin again.

Pick Me – This is a type of round where you choose several symbols from a set. Every symbol brings a prize. Different games have different prices. In some cases, you can win cash. Some slot machines award free spins or multipliers.

Instant Win – Instant Win is a prize where you get a cash prize if you land a special symbol. This award often comes in scatters where you get cash prizes.

Extra Wilds – These are the wild symbols that the game awards when you start a feature round. In some games, these wilds stay in place for the entire duration of the bonus round.

Pathway Game – This is a game or round in which you progress as you complete each stage. The farther you advance, the higher the reward.

Cascades – Cascading tiles are symbols that move left or right with each spin. This reduces the number of matching symbols you need to land to form winning combinations.

Hold n’ Spin – This is a bonus where the player can select certain symbols on the grid to keep them in place until the spin. This bonus makes it easier for players to win since the symbols are locked in one position.

Multi Level – In this round you can choose multiple symbols with hidden prizes. One of the symbols will take you to another level that offers bigger prizes.

Pick a box – In this round you have to choose one or more boxes from a set. Each box has a corresponding price.

Pick ‘Em – This game is similar to the Pick a Box feature. A variant is where the reward is visible. You can choose which features to activate before the slot spins.

Wilds – Wilds are symbols that substitute for all other symbols to create wins. Usually it cannot be used as a substitute for the scatter symbol and the bonus symbol.
Spinning Wheel – Some video slots trigger a wheel that you have to spin. Each part of the roulette wheel yields a prize.

X of Y – This round you can choose a symbol. Each symbol has a corresponding price.

How to Play Free Slots with Bonus Rounds

The best bonus online casinos always offer free slots with in-game bonuses and extra rounds. Some make winning combos easier or just give extra points. This special quality falls into the second category, and you can win perks, free spins and even multipliers on extra rounds. They can be seen in almost all video slots and 3D variants, but the premium round content depends on the casino you choose. Mechanisms vary, but several principles can be found in most parties. By getting bonus symbols, you can continue the bonus round you activated. But are they meant to be?

In these cases, like choosing a hidden prize, your decisions actually have real consequences. In a slot machine, even the free ones with bonuses, there is a microprocessor that runs a program called a “random number generator” (or RNG for short). The RNG can generate about 100 combinations per second. This soft determines whether winning spins are awarded.

Bonus round combination

Free online slots with bonus rounds may require special combinations to be landed on certain reels to trigger them, but most do so with scatters and certain symbols. So what are they made of? Let’s take some examples:

Mini games: It can recommend mini games to you according to the theme. For example, you can play short FPS games with advanced graphics for extra cash prizes. Or it can be a simple platform where you have to jump and hit some brick boxes! Again, there are multiple possible options.
Select me function: This is the “meh” version. You will be taken to an instance and an interactive screen filled with closed boxes. (Or whatever, depending on the theme.) You start clicking on these and collecting random rewards. Usually, the round ends when you find a “collection” in one of these boxes.

Pick the right door: A rare door, but you can see it in many slots dedicated to Ancient Egypt. Basically, you’re trying to guide your hero to the exit of the pyramid (or other crypt) by choosing the door you want him/her to enter. Some doors release mummies – be careful where you click. This guy usually only rewards if you manage to find the exit.
Rewards can be extra coins, multipliers or more free spins. In some cases, complementary circles are the only way to win the jackpot amount. They reward you based on your progress. One thing’s for sure: they’re all fun and full of wins.

Real money or fun

To play for real money, you need to deposit cash into your online casino account. In a brick and mortar casino, you need real gold coins to operate the Vegas slot machines. Some casinos require you to register a card and deposit money into it.

Free slot machines are the ones you usually find in mobile app stores. These games work just like real money slots, although you play for credits. Points expire if you lose, but you can buy more points for real money to keep playing.