Witches Charm Slot Game

The history of Halloween began long ago in the lands of modern Britain and northern France. The area was inhabited by Celtic pagan tribes who divided the calendar year into winter and summer. All winter, the Sun God was imprisoned by the Prince of Darkness. On November 1st, the gates of the underworld opened at night, and the inhabitants of hell entered the world safely. People light fire and perform sacrifices to appease evil spirits. Jack’s lanterns are the main symbol of the festival.

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It’s based on a pumpkin with a fierce, grinning face carved into it. People put a burning candle in the pumpkin. Initially, radishes were used instead of squash. On Halloween, pumpkins with candles near the house will ward off evil spirits. Halloween costumes are a major tradition of the holiday. People dress up in costumes of various evil spirits and witches. On this day, witches are especially powerful. You have werewolf traits.

Witches can transform into animals, birds, or young and beautiful ladies. Taking place on five magical drums and 25 magical paylines in NextGen Gaming’s Charms and Witches online video slot, the mystical spectacle of witches will unravel all the mysteries of midnight witchcraft, reveal the door to the world of charms, and reward the brave People are too generous with real money spending.

Charms and witches slots

The scrolls are placed between the open rusty gates leading to abandoned houses under a full moon. The color scheme was chosen very well, as it consists of purple, violet, blue and green shades that complement each other. At the bottom of the bay is a control panel consisting of several buttons for settings, menus, and information windows.

Players can adjust all settings to their liking. Before players explore the old house’s front yard, players are advised to place their bets on fixed active paylines. Rotation takes place in manual and automatic modes.

For automatic mode, the player presses the button with two circular arrows and indicates the desired number of spins. The green button with the triangle is Start.

Rewards Program

The main element of Charms and Witches slot is a young witch who looks like a very innocent girl. Among other things, the player recognizes the classic witch hat, pots for making potions, a black cat, a toad and a mouse. Gambling under the witch’s spell promises to be profitable in this mystical Las Vegas.

The Witch Jackpot is 500 Charm Points. Gambling programs are accessed after each win. Wild images can replace any element, and when done, wins are doubled. Bats are scattered elements. When three or more bats fly across the reels, players will be rewarded with 10 free spins and a 2x multiplier.

One of the most exciting bonus programs on Charms and Witches slot is the Pick Me Bonus. It is activated simultaneously by three Pick Me elements on the second, third and fourth reels. Players can get instant bonuses.

Each bulb hides a cash prize in the Pick Again and Win All options. The Spooky Bats is a rewards program. Swarms of bats may soar into the sky at any time, leaving the world in a barren state. The program runs more frequently during free spins.


The world of witches will reveal its secrets, which will be scary for most people. You have to remember that this is intended to happen in a game dedicated to witchcraft developed by EGT, but it is also designed to reward and please you. If you see a black cat or a cauldron with a burning potion, don’t be afraid. In this game, witches show their kindness and cooperation, which is very beneficial for your free game experience. Don’t doubt that the witches are here to show their good side and all those spells and charms will work in your favour. Against the backdrop of starry sky and greenery, Witch Online will create miracles for you. You can also enjoy this slot on your smartphone or tablet.

With witches this easygoing, it’s going to be a joy to start playing and invite these strange creatures to help you. They will definitely take out tools and belongings such as crystal balls. Crystal balls are used to predict the future, and witches certainly know how to see what will happen in the near future and beyond. As an important tool, the crystal ball plays a versatile role. The maximum reward for 5 crystal balls is 10,000, and there are also rewards for 2, 3, and 4 ball symbols.

Also, the crystal ball will be a strong alternative, giving you more chances to win Las Vegas style free slot machines. It also doubles every time it is replaced. You can also go to the witch’s house. Don’t be put off by the idea, the witches in this game are gorgeous and hospitable. Your Hut symbol acts as a scatter and rewards you with 3, 4 and 5 symbols. Another bonus of this symbol is access to free spins where 15 pins plus a 3x multiplier will keep you happy. These spins can be retriggered, and then a further 15 spins are done for added fun. You will see spins on alternate reel sets.

Witches Charm Slot Game Comes with 15 Free Spins and 4 Jackpots

Also, the main symbol in this slot is quite mysterious. The Scatter is an old home of witches, where they practice black magic. There is no doubt that this symbol and all its wizardry in the house will bring the top prizes. It appears on reels 3, 4 and 5. 3 or more Witch Houses will award you 15 Free Bonus Spins with a 3x Multiplier.

The Wild is a magic ball that appears on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 and substitutes for all symbols except the Witch House. You can win up to 10000 coins.

After each win, you can choose to use the double feature or the gamble feature. So, with the help of the witch, your profits are doubled. The correct suit of the next card is the main objective. If you answer incorrectly, you lose money and return to the game.

The jackpot is 4, depending on how long you have been in the game. If you are entitled to it, choose 3 cards of the same suit out of 12. The sum depends on the type of jackpot: 4 levels for spades, 3 levels for hearts, 2 levels for diamonds and 1 level for clubs. The most profitable ones are in spades, so use your instincts as much as you can!

Free online spins

These symbols form combinations of the same symbol to award you different amounts. But they add up, so happily take each one and add it to the common heap. Two pretty witches get the tastiest prizes for 2 to 5 identical witch symbols. And then of course the cauldron full of potions brewed for witches. Next came the two basic beasts associated with witches, the owl and the black cat. Finally, poker symbols will share smaller payouts in this free online slot machine.

Witch sure has many benefits:

  • Spells and Potions
  • winning combination
  • Visit the witch’s hut and see the crystal ball.

But that won’t be the end of perks. The range of perks will be greatly expanded, with two perks always appearing in EGT games. The first is a gamble feature that doubles your winnings if you guess correctly. Then get ready for a feature that appears randomly and gives you the chance to win huge prizes.